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“I told him I was damaged. We talked about this from the beginning. He promised to be patient, while I healed, but he lied. He lied just like everyone else lies to me. He gave up on me.”

“You miss him, Jan…”

“Miss him…I don’t think miss is the right word. Do I feel a sense of loss…sure, but it’s more like a loss of hope. The hope for happiness. The hope for another chance at love. The hope he was one of the good guys.”

“Was he one of the good guys…”

“I really thought he was, Mimi. Maybe I expect too much from people, maybe I push too hard, and hold on too tightly. But the saddest part is that I did think he was one of the good guys. The one that would be there for me when I was sad…to wipe away my tears…to stay by my side… Maybe that’s all an illusion…I don’t know anymore.”

“I know what you mean, Jan. I don’t have the best track record with guys either. But look at it this way, at least we have our friendship.” Mimi stated, pouring another glass of wine.

“Yes, at least we have that!”

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright April 2016