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Venice Beach January 2016

California coastal beaches are magical in so many ways and if you are visiting the Los Angeles area, you must take a walk down the boardwalk, into the city of Venice.

Venice Beach, California is well-known for its trending vibe. You will get the opportunity to walk along the sandy beaches, visit the boardwalk for some shopping, stop to watch the street entertainers, as they perform in front of you, and dine in some of the most infamous and delicious restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area.

My favorite restaurant and a must go to, is the C&O Restaurant in Marina Del Rey. It’s just a few blocks south of the Venice Beach Boardwalk (pier). The C&O (Cheese and Olive) serves fabulous Italian cuisine and superb wines. The best part of the meal, besides the great service, are the garlic bread knots. They are literally to die for and delicious. Outdoor dining is optional and allowed if you want to bring your furry pet.

Another favorite is the Sidewalk Cafe. This quaint restaurant sits inside and out. It has acquainted celebrities; such as Jim Morrison from the Doors and Janice Joplin. Once again, you are welcome to have your furry pet hang out with you, while you dine out on the patio. Last time I was down there, we saw a pet pig tied to the table of a family of four…how cute is that!

Once you are feeling relaxed and satisfied from your meal, it’s time to go for a nice, romantic or casual stroll along the canals. Many movies have been shot in this location for its unique style and charm; such as the Doors, A Touch of Evil, starring Charlton Huston, Dragnet, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Speed, and American Gigolo

On your way to the beach…don’t forget you sunscreen and your camera…have fun!

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright May 13, 2016