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Southern California has some of the finest restaurants in the West, but if you are hungry for one of the best sushi spots in town, you must try RA. RA Restaurant is located at Dos Logos, in Corona, California.

The establishment is clean, the food is fresh, and the service is friendly. I have been to sushi restaurants before where the food was questionable, the service-ware was cheap and the service was left to be desired. But RA is different.

My favorite sushi roll is the Pacific Roll. It is one of their specialty rolls with fresh crab meat, cucumber, and a mango salsa on top. It is fresh with a hint of south of the border flare.

Some of the items are a little more expensive than some of the other local restaurants, but Happy Hour is served until seven pm almost every night, saving you money.

Next time you are visiting Southern California, make sure to stop in at RA at Dos Logos…you won’t regret it!

I have attached the directions and a link to their Corona location. Enjoy!

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Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Photograph By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Copyright June 11, 2016