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Excerpt from Manuscript – SNOW


She lay there, in her expensive Donna Karen suit, carefully watching him, as his chest slowly went up and down with each reserved breath.

January knew she should change her clothes and grab a bite to eat, but she was afraid. She was afraid to leave his side.

In the past, she had taken life as it came. In other words, she hadn’t taken it seriously. Not until today.

Jack stirred, moving only slightly in his bed. Startled, January hastily pushed the lock of hair away from her eyes…digging in her purse for a bobby pin, quickly shoving it in her mouth, and nervously pushing her hair behind her ear.

Starring intently, only inches from his face, she waited, waited for him to wake.

“Jack Honey…can you hear me? Jack?”

The room fell silent once again…nothing could be heard, except for the breathing machine, as it went beep, beep, beep…driving January mad.

She wasn’t a religious person, although she had been around plenty of people claiming they were, but she needed to get her voice out…she needed God to listen to her prayer.

“Dear God, please bring Jack back to me…I promise to love him more and help him to get clean and stay clean.”

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright September 28, 2016