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Excerpt from Manuscript – SNOW


Autumn, a time when the leaves changed from green to yellow to orange and then red. The days were warm in the mornings, as the nights escaped into the most certain chill.

This time of year had always been January’s favorite. Moving to San Francisco had been his idea, but now that she had warmed up to it, she too loved the quaint city with all its undying charm.

Standing out on their balcony, with her faux-fur coat wrapped around her body, fighting to keep her warm, but desperately failing, she watched the city lights flicker in the distance. Jack seemed to be spending more and more time away from their home and from her.

She perniciously had too much time on her hands to think. She didn’t like when her mind drifted over to the darker side, but it had been hard not to lately.

She missed him so much that her heart ached. She knew in her heart that she was losing him, but she couldn’t compete with this. She had to let him go, but she didn’t know if she had the courage to do so.

She had always hated that stupid saying, “If you love someone set them free and if they are yours to keep, they will come back to you.”

“Dumb saying.” She thought, despairingly wiping away the tears.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: JCW
Copyright: October 12, 2016