“Come Lisa.  It is time to go.”  She heard the soft voice behind her.  She didn’t need to turn around to see who it was.  She knew it was her Grandparents waiting for her on the other side.  She knew it was time to go towards the light, the bright white light she had heard so much about in movies and stories, it was true.  The light was as brilliant and magical as everyone had claimed. 

     “Lisa, darling, we are waiting for you.”  She heard the soft voice whispering.

     “What about Cole, Grandma?  Who will protect him?”  Lisa hesitated, turning away from the voice and the light.

     “It is your decision sweetheart.”

     Cole’s sadness penetrated through Lisa.  All of a sudden, she felt Cole inside her soul.  He was living through her and she could feel his feelings and thoughts, his breaking heart.  Wow, she thought, I never knew he felt so strongly about me.  His love for her was so pure, so true.  He looked up to her, almost idealizing her existence.  His heart was so lost and broken.  Why hadn’t she seen this love when they had been together?  Too many things to cloud true love, like anger, resentment, and envy.  Her heart and his heart were pure now and without false illusions. 

     “Come Lisa, we must be going.”  The voices whispered.

     “Bye my love, I will never forget you.  I will watch and protect over you and Paxton, always.  I will forever love you and hope you find peace.  Please protect Paxton for me and remind her how much her mama loved her.  I will miss her smiling face, but will cherish the memory for all eternity.”  Lisa turned from Cole, drifting towards the light, where she now found peace and acceptance. 

     The hospital room went silent as the beeping of the monitor, in the distance, stopped.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi