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Going off to College…

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I think one of the hardest things in life is leaving your child behind to begin a new life.

As mothers, we live and breathe our children. We nurture and protect them as infants, watching them as they take their first steps, walking them to their classroom in Kindergarten, going to their graduations, the prom, drivers’ education and watching them as they start their new lives at a University.

It seems as if life goes by in an instant. We know they are going to grow up, but time seems to speed up and they are grown before our very eyes. We are happy for them to start their new lives, but it is a bittersweet occasion. We spend eighteen years of our lives with them and in an instant, they are gone.

Can we really prepare ourselves for this? It has been six months now and I still wonder around the house, lost. Where did the years go? I ask myself this daily.

Enjoy each day and enjoy the moment because it goes too fast.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi