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Early Detection is Important…

Ms Mandi Photo 1

I have several friends recently, who have been diagnosed with some form of cancer. Sadly to say, one of them only recently died this Friday. She opted out to have chemotherapy and radiation, since her cancer had spread from her lungs, intertwining around her spine. The doctors gave her six months to live…after diagnosed. I think she made it to five months.

Cancer is a monster that overtakes your body and consumes your soul.
Early awareness and early detection is so important. Trust your body to tell you when something is wrong. Research your symptoms. Reach out to others for insight. Don’t always trust what your doctors tell you…dismissing it as nothing. Find out the facts and get a second opinion…or a third.

Knowledge is power! Let’s put a stop to this monster once and for all, before it continues to take more lives.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright January 2016