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Moonstone Beach…

AMM 08.04.2016Arcata CA July 2016 108

Do you believe a mood can be altered by a simple scenery change?

Moonstone Beach, in Humboldt County, is one of those places. You may wake up in a bad mood, but once your feet touch the cool, soft sand, squishing in between your toes, you are instantly transformed from blah to majestic. As if, something this beautiful can be real, but it is and trust me pictures don’t do it justice.

The same goes for us that live in the concrete city. We may wake up in a beautiful mood, and once we hit the road of constant and steady traffic, we are instantly put in a bad mood. Not to add to it, but the grey skies above don’t help either.

The sad part about human behavior is that we don’t appreciate all the beauty around us, we don’t live in the present, but instead we are either looking to the past or jumping to the future, never in the present. And then one day we look back and our lives are over and we think, dang I wish I had enjoyed that day more.

I tell my kids this each and every day, stay in the present and enjoy this very moment. There can’t be anything more precious or beautiful than right now.

We can hold our past in our memories and plan for our future, but living in the present is the most important time of our lives. Enjoy visiting the beautiful beaches of California and all the beachs in our world, for that matter.

Peace, love, and joy! The only motto to remember and to live by!

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright August 2016