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SISTERS 07.2015

When a child dies, especially to suicide and so young, everyone seems to focus on the parents, and their pain and sorrow, and especially the mother’s anguish.

However, sometimes there are siblings who are forgotten. They too have a special kind of loss.

She has lost their best friend.

Who will she share their future memories?

Who will she call late at night when she just needs someone there to listen to her and to laugh with her?

Who will be her Maid of Honor at her wedding?

Who will she call with the great news that she will be an aunt?

Who will she roll her eyes at during Thanksgiving dinner when annoying family members show up at the door?

Who will she talk to about “Remember when’s…”?

Who will she share her memories? And who will she create new memories?

This is especially hard when she is now the only child.

When a sibling dies, all future special occasions will be forever changed.

We, as parents and support groups, must remember their grieving process because when a sibling dies, they lose a part of their past, present and future.

Here is a support group, chat site, for siblings grieving a loss of a sibling:

Support Group: The Compassionate Friends
The Compassionate Friends Sounds of the Siblings (for bereaved siblings)


Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright February 2, 2017