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I Married a Psycho Series

Ms Mandi Photo 1

“Bella are you packed…”

“Yes, Mama…Mama the phone is ringing.”

“Sweetie will you please grab it for me…I’m out on the porch.”

“Hello, Daddy. Why not… okay, I will go and get her.”

“Mama, it’s Daddy, he wants to talk to you.”

“Jack, when will you be home…Bella and I are ready and waiting for you. What do you mean you’re in Twin Pines…I thought you were at work and then coming home to pick us up…we are all supposed to go there together…as a mini vacation. Or did you forget!”

“Mama, don’t cry.”

“Hysterical…I’m not being hysterical. I can’t believe you went without us. How could you and what am I supposed to tell Bella, Jack!”

I looked over towards the doorway. All was silent now. My heart broke, as I watched my only daughter, as tears as big as crocodiles, spilled down her cheeks.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright February 2016